(A lot of my industry work is still under NDA, please contact me at tomcushbiz@gmail.com if interested.)
2D Animation Showreel
Disney Island Illusion
I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Dlala Studios and Rumpus Animtaion on Disneys latest game! My roles included; Storyboard Revisionist, Layout Artist and Clean up Artist for in-game animation and cutscenes. Most of my work on it is currently under NDA but you can see some of my work at the end of this trailer:
The Alan Ankles Experience
My thesis film I made during my final year of university.
Twisty Dog
Twisty Dog is a short film for children I was a director and animator on during my time at university.
Stairs is a short film I made for my BTEC Fine Art FMP.
Wizard Zone - Zine
The Alan Ankles Experience - Character Design Exploration
Shake! Bristol - Live Drawing
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