Dog Phone - ScribbleRoom Ident
Design, Direction, Storyboards, Animation (Adobe Animate)
Gnome! - Rumpus Ident
Design, Direction, Storyboards, Animation (Adobe Animate, Blender)
Disney Illusion Island
Cutscenes: Junior Layout, Junior Animator.  (Adobe Animate)
In-Game Sprites: Clean-Up Artist.  (Toon-Boom Harmony)
Storyboards can be found under 'NDA Work'. Please contact me at for access.
YolanDa's Band Jammers - The Funky Elephant Walk
The Alan Ankles Experience (2021)
My 3rd year student film at UWE. Direction, Animation, Clean-Up, Backgrounds, Design.  (Toon-Boom, After Effects, Blender)
The Strange Man (2020 - 2021)
"live" puppet animation & Digital Multiplanes experiments (Blender)
Homonculus Dog 2022
Chrome Bart
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